About us

Buying, sorting, packing and exporting used textiles worldwide

Marbo Used Clothing was founded in 1985 and is currently the most advanced sorting company within the Boer Group Holland after the renovation in 2012. We are located on the Transitoweg in the industrial area of Moerdijk and our core activities consist of buying, sorting, packing and exporting used textiles worldwide. 

Marbo Used Clothing is a TÜV certified sorting company. Sorting is an intensive and dense process which occurs completely in accordance with the criteria/standards established by the Beoordelingsgrondslag Gecertificeerd Sorteerproces (Evaluation foundation Certified Sorting process). The used textiles are bought by the kilo by various European collection companies that often cooperate with charities and are delivered to Marbo Recycling. 

In the production building, in a few steps the textiles are sorted on the basis of the condition and material. The sorted products are packed in plastic bags, big bags or pressed into bales according to the quality. Subsequently, it is exported worldwide.


Facts and figures

The sorting capacity at
Marbo Recycling is 50-55 tons a day and during the high season, we offer employment to over 50 production employees.  

Core activities


Textiles are bought per kilo.

The textiles go through 2 different selection phases; pre-sorting and post-sorting.

The products are packed in plastic bags, big bags or pressed into bales.

The finished product is exported worldwide.