Consumer market

Specific wishes with regard to the requested pieces of clothing per consumer market 

Over 70% of the population needs used textiles and this demand is increasing. Naturally, specific wishes with regard to the required pieces of clothing and quality exist per country. This demand is determined on the basis of the life standard of the country and the price people can pay for their clothes.

The government does not subsidize Marbo Used Clothing’s activities.
Therefore, sorting and selling used textiles is a commercial affair for our company. 

The sorted products are globally sold and attuned to the customer’s demand in the following markets: East and West Africa, South-Africa, India, Pakistan, Eastern Europe, Russia and South-America. 

Product categories

The sorted products are sold around the world, geared to customer demand in the following markets:

• East and West Africa
• South Africa
• India
• Pakistan
• Eastern Europe and Russia
• South America