Sorted products

Not only clothes but also all conceivable products related to textiles

The complete sorting process delivers 350 to 400 types of products that are available in 3-5 different qualities.

These types can be subdivided into the following main categories. European quality – Export A – Export B – Cleaning cloths – Recycling – Shoes – Waste

The textiles that are processed at Marbo do not merely consist of clothes but of all conceivable products related to textiles. The sorting process is set up in such a way that at least 90% of the offered goods are eventually reused as recycle product or as clothes. Professional waste processors that can generate power CO2 free process our residual waste. Of all products that can be reused, approximately 60% is clothing, accessories, shoes or toys. The textiles that are no longer usable in their original shape are shipped to recycling companies and are recycled into cleaning cloths or ground into fibers that are used in carpets and mattresses.

Product categories

These types can be set out in the following main categories.

Europe quality
: approx. 9%
Export A: approx. 24%
Export B
: approx. 16%
Rags: approx. 17%
Recycling: approx. 21%
Shoes: approx. 6%
Refuse: approx. 7%